my 100 word challenge.

On a cold winter day I decided to walk. I came to a path off of the main road and ventured that way. The landscape became rough, sharp rocks and steep hills. I climbed over dead trees and waded through water. I was cold, cut, and bruised. The obstacles became more sparse as I continued forward. I was ready to give up because I was wet and cold. Then out of nowhere came a meadow. Light was streaming down from the heavens and it had the greenest grass with a beautiful creek and sunflowers. I made it through my journey…

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I am Ieuan I love to read all sorts here's a list: *David Walliams book's *Roald Dahl *Jacqueline Wilson *J.K Rowling
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  1. JessicaGim says:

    Well done that is a good piece of work.

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